Steven Seagal


Not much is known about what Seagal (Born April 10th 1951) did during his child and teen years but he was known to give demonstrations at a local Deer park in South California, showing off his skills in Aikido. He was believed to have trained in Asia (although this is debatable) in a prominent Aikido dojo. He has learned many martial arts including Zen, Kendo, Aikido, Judo and Karate. Seagal then moved into his ass kicking movie career with his first film in 1988 "Above the Law".

Seagal is probably the only action movie star who hasnít made any mistakes. He only got seriously hurt in his second film "Hard to Kill" where he was attacked in his own home, it took the attackers a heavy beating before they managed to kill him, and even then he was just put into a coma only to come back to get revenge later on. In his career Seagal has caught blades between his teeth, broken countless arms, backs, necks, legs and has taken on whole crime syndicates, battleships and drug operations. He is the ultimate action hero. Screw Schwarzenegger and Stallone, Seagal could beat them to within an inch of their life and still have the skill to whip out a one liner on their ass.


Look, they even made a Seagal action model.

With every Seagal film you can expect awesome fighting action, huge explosions, naked flesh, corny lines and much more. The only thing Iíd advise you to do before you go online and purchase one of his films is youíll either need to have subtitles on or turn the sound right up because Seagal is so cool he doesnít open his mouth when he talks, so as to intimidate the opponent. Steven Seagal is a living action legend who inspires people like Van Dam and Vin Diesel to be completely unstoppable. This quote sums up Seagalís awesomeness nicely,

"At various points, Steve has hinted that he has worked as a bounty hunter and a CIA operative, although he has later denied it."