People at Road Crossings

I only realised the other day that this happens ALL the time, infact every time I cross a road at a crossing it happens, every time, every day, EVER! You're there, stood at the crossing waiting for the lights to change so you and your 6 bags of shopping can cross over the road, you joined the large group of people at the crossing fairly late so there are already a few people there.

You're stood there, waiting, patiently, you get a bit twitchy as the bags start to cut into you like razor sharp barbed wire, whats the problem here? why aren't the lights changing? You see all the cars going passed, giving them 'the eye' for not stopping to let you all past. WHATS HAPPENING HERE? Why wont they stop? why won't the traffic lights change to red? where's the green man we all know and love?

Then *Ping* it clicks, you glance over, WHAT THE FUCK!!! Nobody has even pressed the button to say you want to cross!!!! You've been there 5 minutes with your razor sharp handled bags waiting with a group of suits, hobos, slappers and people from the children's hospice harassing you with fliers, and nobodies bothered to even press the button! What is wrong with you people?

This happens all the time, I mean every time I go to a crossing it should be expected that the people already there have pressed the button, that's why time and time again I go to the crossing and stand there like a blow up doll waiting, to then realise it STILL hasn't been pressed. Its ridiculous, if the population find it so difficult then perhaps we should pay the road sweepers a few extra shillings to press it for us. Whatever the cure is, we still cant ignore the ignorance of other people, just because they have a mobile/laptop/PDA system mobile phone in one hand and a bullet proof briefcase in the other hand doesn't disable them from pressing the button for 15 people to cross the road. 

It seems people would rather play real life 'Frogger' then having 100% valid access to be able to cruise over the road at their own speed (unless you have those ones that change to the red guy when you're not even half way across.

To show the world is getting even lazier it's about time they launched infrared crossings that automatically detect when someone is at the crossing, that would solve the problem, although that could cause anarchy with traffic having to stop for a floating bag that the infrared caught a hold of, hmmm.... something to think about.