Battery Sucking Media Players

Well today I had to buy a pack of batteries, for £5!! they were only AAA, fucking duracell, fuck that pink rabbit. Why did I have to buy them? Well I set off walking to the bus stop, with my earphones on, as soon as I got around the corner the batteries went dead. If you play music loud on my player the battery automatically loses all traces of life. So I HAD to buy some more batteries, I wouldnt have been able to cope on my half an hour bus ride to the wife's otherwise, not with all the old sweaty bitches and the turbanators.

I must buy a 4 pack of batteries every 2 weeks or something insane like that, and at £5 a time that is costly. Why can't all new 'oh so hi-tech' posh bastard media players come with those new lithium ones or whatever? They must only cost a few pence to make thanks to those loveable slave types.

I have already spent way more on batteries for my mp3 player than the player itself cost in the first place. I may aswell have just bought the big posh silver one with the big battery that was on the top shelf. Dont forget: if something electrical is on the highest shelf, that automatically makes it the best.

With the technological advances in this day and age you would think companies would have found out by now of a way to prevent their new fangled machines of not sucking the juice out of your £5 batteries. It is as though companies have a secret alliance with Duracell:

'Make sure your new player has used up all of the batteries you supply with the player within a period of one to two hours'

Is my rant aimed at the batteries or the players? Isn't THAT one for discussion? you could fill out forums with that argument. Who would you go for? Let Duracell decide.

I just asked Mark for his view on these, he suggested rechargable batteries. Hmmm, good point... its a shame my dad savagely beats me when I "borrow" his...

- Col