Lets Get Ready to Rumbblllleee! ( probably)
Let the Observatory contests begin. Here is where we pit our fans in an all out fight for glory. Only the strongest, wittiest and most Observer-like amongst you will prevail/survive (Delete as applicable).

Caption THIS, Sunshine! - Oct/Nov
Simple enough: Take a look at a photo - whether something we Photoshopped together or something from current events - and offer your own unique caption for it. Funniest caption wins!

Stupid Question Of The Month - Sept/Oct
We set you a stupid question and you have to answer it. Answers are marked on humour and practicality. The best answer will be put on the site for all to read and your name will be showered with glory and lotus blossom. Previous winning answers are also up, and there are even occasional prizes to be won

The 3 Picture Story Game - Sept/Oct
Construct a story using the 3 given pictures