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Welcome to the stupid question of the month contest, where we set you a stupid question and you have to answer it. Answers are marked on humour and practicality. The best answer will be put on the site for all to read and your name will be showered with glory and lotus blossom.

The Question (October2004)

Discuss the effect of cheese fireworks on Japanese tourists in under 30 words. (What do you mean that's not a question?)


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Last Months Question and Answer

Matt Gray? Hmmm I've heard that name before. Wait a minute, didn't he win last months Stupid Question of the month? The man is a genius.
Farmed Atlantic salmon from Scotland contains the highest levels of cancer-causing chemicals in the world, a new survey has found. It was so contaminated that, according to American guidelines, it should be eaten only once every four months. Otherwise, it will increase the risk of cancer by at least one case in 100,000, say scientists. No-one wants cancer, so how are YOU going to avoid eating Salmon, be it intentionally or unintentionally?

Winning Answer:
I'm going to start smoking. Nicotine suppresses appetite, so I'll be able to go longer without eating, and therefore will not incur the 0.0001% increase in my chances of getting cancer. Matt Gray (Again!)