You will seldom find a website as good as The Observatory. FACT. Here are a few sites that come close though. These are the sites which we enjoy the most.

Non-Sucking Site of the Moment - Desktop Tits

Little Cube News - "We like the ambition of cubism to take apart things and reshape them so they can be seen in new ways or different perspectives". Despite having a freaky optical illusion background that could give an non-epileptic man an epileptic fit you have to give it to these guys. Its entertainment for people who have brains. Hell they even use big words like "perspectives".

 Feasties - Some of the funniest and most cynical observational humour our there in the Check it out, or risk Godilla's fearsome wrath.

Maddox - This guy has been telling it how it is since 1997 and was a major inspiration for the creation of the Observatory. He gets millions of hits and has even been on TV. It was pretty much a shitty public access station, as opposed to the (pending) Observatory TV, but still - Fuckin' A, guy.

Newgrounds - The most extensive Flash movie/game site around, with dozens of new movies per hour. Birthplace of the Clock Crew, stick fighting, and many well known animators, this site is great to pass the time, and show off your skills.

Rory and Stu - A website spawned in response to positive feedback to fan submissions from these guys. Influenced my amongst others the great Maddox, this site may still be an infant, but it can punch above its weight. - Irreverance as an art form. Hilarious news, commentary, rantings, and enlightened drivel from South Florida's John Flagg. As he says - "You can pretend to be serious; you can't pretend to be witty". Oh so true.

The Official Ninja Homepage: REAL ULTIMATE POWER - If this site is, as it claims, written by a 10 year old, it must be the funniest 10 year old ever. I think it is actually written by someone much older in the style of a 10 year old. The writing gets so surreal and OTT that its damn hilarious. Discover the secrets and origins of the Ninja, nature's greatest killing machine.

Weebl and Bob - As seen on MTV2. The adventures of 2 egg shaped oddballs, just trying to go about their day to day lives... Flash animations don't get any simpler than this, but then again, they don't come much funnier.

Lunatics Fridge - Gut Wrenchingly funny stories written by a lunatic about his everyday happenings. Surreal, Clever and very Original. 10 points.